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Featuring six Spanish wines all made by talented female winemakers on CHCH TV Morning Live.

🍷🦸🏻‍♀️SWG Approved🦸🏻‍♀️🍷

1. Pares Balta DO CAVA$17.99 (available via Noble Estates @noble_estates )✨This wine is made by a talented winemaker and owner Marta Casas @martacasasjorba ) and her sister in law who make wine with an organic and bio-dynamic philosophy

2. Paco y Lola Albariño DO Rías Baixas - $20.95

✨Winemaker & industry leader Nuria de la Torre Sayáns makes this wine. Rías Baixas is a region celebrated region with 50% of its winemakers being female

3. El Petite Bonhomme DO Jumilla $16.95

✨Nathalie Bonhomme is the winemaker to whom the wine is named after and she originally from Canada and then moved to Spain to make wine!

4. Lan Crianza DOCa Rioja $16.95

✨Made by Maria Barua working in a sustainable way and all vine work done by hand by her and her team

5. Campo Viejo Reserva DOC Rioja $16.45 save $2 until Feb. 28th

✨Made by Elena Adell who strives to produce wines that allow you to live life more colourfully she began as an Agricultural Scientist and then moved into winemaking and she also helped to design the winery itself!

7. Williams and Humbert Dry Sack Sherry DO Jerez (South Spain) :$14.50

✨At the winemaking helm is Paola Medina Earning top awards around the world for her iconic Sherries - dry sherries are her favourite and she suggests pairing it with mexican cuisine! 🌮



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